Before beginning construction, Swanton Wind will need to obtain a “Certificate of Public Good” from the Vermont Public Service Board under the “Section 248” process. The project owners have an obligation to provide the Board with all the information necessary to assess whether Swanton Wind will promote the general good of Vermont. The “Section 248” analysis considers whether the project:

  • will result in an economic benefit to the state and its people
  • will not unduly interfere with the orderly development of the region, with due consideration given to the recommendations of municipal and regional officials
  • will help meet the present and future electrical needs of the state
  • will not adversely affect electrical system reliability and stability, and
  • will not have an undue adverse affect on esthetics, historic sites, air and water purity, the natural environment and the public health and safety

The Vermont Public Service Board is a three-member quasi-judicial panel nominated by the Governor and entrusted by the General Assembly with decision-making authority in the Section 248 “Certificate of Public Good” process. The Board is staffed by independent experts in relevant subjects, including environmental analysts, financial analysts, engineers, and policy analysts. It is required to independently weigh evidence presented by project proponents and other interested parties who may apply to formally participate in the Board’s process. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is required to be a party in the Board’s proceedings and to provide its independent analysis of the project’s compliance with environmental and wildlife protection standards.

The Board is also required to hold a public hearing in the community where the project will be located. All members of the public are invited to participate and share their views.

To learn more about the Section 248 Process and how you can participate click here for a copy of the Board’s “Citizen’s Guide to the Public Service Board’s Section 248 Process”

Swanton Wind will also require permits from The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure that we are protecting clean water while generating clean energy.

Project Status and Timeline

The Swanton Wind project team has completed the studies necessary to begin the Section 248 application process. The Section 248 process takes time to complete and has many steps, including opportunities for public input. The application has been filed and the process has formally begun. Please see the links to relevant documents on this page. The project team will post notices for upcoming meetings and hearings once they are scheduled on this page.

In addition, the project team is also scheduling meetings with the municipal boards and commissions and civic and business organizations to share information and seek community input. If you would like Swanton Wind to give a presentation to your group or to be notified of upcoming meetings and hearings, please provide your information through the “Contact Us” form by clicking here

Federal Aviation Administration

Click Here for a copy of the Federal Aviation Administration December 20, 2015 final determination that Swanton Wind “would not be a hazard to air navigation” .

Public Service Board Section 284 Process

Click here for Swanton Wind LLC 45-Day Notice of Petition for Certificate of Public Good

Petition for Certificate of Public Good

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